Marine Hills Adult Family Home

About Marine Hills Adult Family Home
Bill Mclaughlin is a Licensed CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and Owner of Marine Hills Adult Family Home. Licensed by the State of Washington to give the highest level of care for your Loved One. Getting to know the specific needs of my residents and giving very personalized care is my goal. Unlike most other adult family homes who's goal is to have six residents, I will accept no more than 3 residents at any one time, giving your loved one very individualized care. After raising my 3 kids, I’m filling my home back up with New Life and Love. I’m sharing my passions and opening my heart, home and gardens to give my residents the highest level of respect, care and quality of life they deserve in their twilight years. Call me today for a private tour.  

Bill Mclaughlin
"My residents become my family members"